From Devastated to a Picture Perfect Smile...That's Priceless!

Josh and Amanda in front of Ryland HomeIt's a tough market these days.  But occasionally something happens that reminds us why we decided to do this in the first place.

Last week someone called wanting to see one of our listings as soon as possible.  We hurried to set up the appointment, not wanting to pass up any business, yet knowing all the while that this could be another wild goose chase.  As we chatted while showing them the home, we discovered they had put money down to build a home and unfortunately, that builder had declared itself insolvent that very day.  They were devastated.  Our new client, a first time homebuyer, was someone who really wanted a new home and their plan had come undone!

They were frustrated with builders and wanted to buy an existing home that weekend.  So we spent  Friday evening and most of Saturday  showing them additional homes that might work.  We answered tons of questions and offered advice, not just on homes - but also on property taxes, resale, hints for negotiating, making offers, and the entire home buying process.   They were already pre-approved and felt confident in the price range they had already established with the builder, yet when they found a home they loved  and we took the time to counsel them on the affect property taxes  would have on their monthly payments they had some real concerns over the monthly payments.  We soon discovered that the builder they had been working with hadn't taken the time to explain how Indiana property taxes work.  Upon further review they agreed that it would have stretched their finances very thin.  We could have easily written the offer and made the sale.  But we wanted to do the "right" thing for our clients.

On Sunday we recommended they look at a brand new Ryland spec home in the Greenwood neighborhood of Brookhaven, where resale is excellent and taxes happen to be lower.  Like many buyers they were surprised to find that we work hand in hand with builders -- helping them evaluate options and select a builder that will not only provide an excellent home,  in an area with great resale, but also take wonderful care of them from beginning to end. 

In this case, the spec home was just what they were looking for and the monthly payments were "just right" too!  They got the brand new home they were looking for without having to wait for one to be built! We met them on Monday to go over the final paperwork.   They were smiling from ear-to-ear!  In two short days they had gone from a devastated "what now" to a very happy place - smiling as their picture was taken next to the SOLD sign in front of their brand new home.

Sometimes in the big scheme of life I wonder, are we really making a difference?  I mean, we work crazy hours, rush from appointment to appointment, never seem to have a day off, yet their excitement and the smiles on their faces was priceless - and it made us remember why we love our jobs!

Posted: Wednesday, March 11, 2009 3:15 PM by Tonda & Steve Hoagland www.PerfectPlaceforYou.com


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