A System To Time Blocking

Why is something so easy, yet so difficult?  Great post!  We continue to work every day to improve our Time Blocking, otherwise the "stuff" of life and work get in the way of the really important things! 

A System To Time Blocking


Aa a real estate agent I struggle with protecting my schedule and controlling my time...does anyone else feel the same way? I was talking with my coach a few days ago and I explained I was so busy right now and with a “leverage” situation, I am having trouble controlling my time.  I was giving up things that are very important in my business, like lead generation. I am working on hiring the RIGHT executive assistant right now, but it takes time and I am not going to rush that out of necessity. Been there, done that..twice, bad hires are costly.

 Time Blocking

He gave me seven key things that need to go into my calendar that are NOT really negotiable. Plus three key “planning” slots. Remember “if you erase, you must replace”. It also takes 66 days to create a habit, so I am starting the 66 days tomorrow. I recommend reading this great new book The One Thing. This book has really opened my eyes not only in real estate, but in my personal life.


A quick tip;  use either one of the two tracking methods, but not both. Paper or electronic version. I use paper better than electronic and often forget to add something in both spots, I recently double booked an appointment, bad planning.


Your calendar needs to have these 3 “planning” spots time blocked for planning with yourself:

  1. Time block 15 minutes at the end of every work day or before going to bed. Label it “Planning” This will help you have a clear picture of what your next day will look at and give you a chance to makes notes on things you did not accomplish that day.

  2. Time block 15 minutes every Friday before your day starts. Label it “Planning”. This gives you a chance to look at your upcoming week.

  3. Time block 30 minutes mid month to look ahead for the next 30 days. This gives you a chance to look at your numbers from your business plan, to make sure you're on track or if you need to pick it up a bit. Also gives you a chance to see if you will be out of town for work or pleasure and need to evaluate your goals and numbers to stay on track. Maybe you need to get 4 extra appointments in so you're not rushing and stressing as your trip gets closer.


There are 7 items that need to go into your schedule ahead of time.

  1. Events - In Keller Williams Realty we have conferences and training that are very important and we pretty much know when the dates are for them. Some of these could include KW Family Reunion, KW Masterminds, KW Mega Camp and regional training.

  2. Family & Vacation - This could include gym time, spiritual time, personal time, and vacation time. Very important to work hard and play hard. Our families deserve true family time and so do we!

  3. Lead Generation - This needs to be at the beginning of EVERY work day. It needs to be a minimum of 1.5 hours but recommend between 3-4 hours and starting no later than 9:00. We tend to think that we don’t have time for this because a client is calling, paperworks needs to be done, the other agents needs an answer on something, we have an email that just came in...things can wait a few hours. Plus if you concentrate on the lead generation the other stuff will come together easier by giving you a chance to add leverage. There are VERY few times in real estate where things are a true “real estate emergency”. Most agents think they will fit lead generation in later in the day, but often, later never comes and we stay in that vicious circle.

  4. Lead Follow up - this could be from the conversation you had with someone from the following week or on your tasks to touch base with a potential prospect. This should only be 30-45 minutes.

  5. Appointments - Knowing your numbers will help you set your schedule for the week and allow you to correctly time block slots out. Let’s say you only have to have 4 appointments a week. Don’t give the prospect the opportunity to tell you when they can meet, you give them choices. Tuesday from 1-2:30, Thursday 2:15-3:45 etc. This gives you a chance to take control of your time. There will be times when you will have to make exceptions. Recommended having them 1.5 hours slots.

  6. Stuff - Showings, blogging, paperwork, videos, pictures, dropping off signs and errands. These are the things that we tend to put in the slots for lead generation. Non dollar producing activities most of the time. Should be in your calendar for 1.5 hours, but can be longer if you have other things done, but not in place of the mandatory lead generation.

  7. Lead Generation for Talent - this is the time for you, if you are planning on growing your team and/or company. This should be no more than 30 minutes 2-3 times a week.


When we stop fighting against a schedule, we will get to our goals faster. So I recommend knowing your numbers and truly time blocking. As an agent I need to efficiently plan my time to develop a habit. It will take time to get the hang of it, but if it means I get some of my “me” time back during normal hours, I’ll do anything!



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Great re-blog! I had used time blocking years ago when I first got started, but have slipped a bit...I'll bookmark to read again later today...
Posted by Carol Zingone, Global Realtor in Jax Beach, FL - ABR, CRS, CIPS (Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Florida Network Realty) over 6 years ago

Tonda, thanks for re-blogging 

Posted by Katrina Rockel (The Rockel Group ) over 6 years ago

Tonda, Thanks for re-blogging this lots of great information.  Have a great spring season.

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