Thinking of New Construction in Greenwood or Indianapolis?

Blueprint with keys and model house     Today I received an email from one of my favorite Indianapolis Builders about the incentives they are offering this month on new construction in Greenwood.  I get these on a regular basis from many builders around central Indiana and it always reminds me how much I enjoy helping buyers through the new construction process.

     The amazing thing is, most people don’t realize they can be represented by a real estate agent without incurring additional costs.  Instead, they wander into a model home and start talking with the sales representative. The next thing you know, they’ve signed contracts to build a new home …without someone looking out for their best interests! 

     Buyers often make the false assumption that the person sitting in the model home is working for them.   Although they play a very important role in preparing the contracts and are invaluable throughout the build, don’t forget that sales reps are hired by the builder.  Their job is to know and sell the builder and community.  On the other hand, a good real estate agent has the knowledge and Happy couple looking at blueprintexperience to help a buyer evaluate both new construction and existing homes. 

       The Hoagland Group knows the different neighborhoods and can provide information on the best areas for resale.  Unlike the builder's sales rep, who only gets paid to sell a specific house or community, we're free to offer unbiased expertise which helps buyers make informed decisions that work for them.


     “But if a buyer uses a real estate agent, surely they pay more for the house, right?”  Wrong!  Central Indiana builders actively market to Indianapolis and Greenwood real estate agents.  They want realtors to bring their buyers to their communities, so they budget marketing dollars to pay for all real estate fees without raising the sales price for any one buyer. In some cases, we've actually seen our clients get better deals than the advertised promotions!     

     Since buyers typically only build once, our expertise in working with many different builders, helping clients select lots, floor plans, upgrades, and incentives can be invaluable! We can offer advice on which upgrades are important for resale or simply the enjoyment of the homeowners.  It’s so easy to keep adding beautiful upgrades here and there; but before you know it, the price is way over budget. We assist our clients in realizing that it is possible to make gorgeous selections without breaking the bank or out-pricing Buyer and Agent going over plansthe neighborhood.

     Once the building begins, we check in regularly, just to make sure everything is going smoothly.  We also offer advice on inspections or other questions as needed.  We attend the final walk through and closing and are the buyer’s advocate on any unresolved issues.  The builder recognizes that he will likely only work with most buyers once, but we represent the possibility of multiple sales, so the builder wants to be sure we're just as pleased with our client’s experience as the buyers are with their new home. 

      If you or someone you know is thinking of building your next home, think twice before signing anything with a builder’s sales representative. A realtor experienced in new construction can be your biggest ally in the search for your “Perfect Place”!The Hoagland Group at Keller Williams

     And, of course, if that new home is to be in Greenwood or on the Southside of Indianapolis, The Hoagland Group at Keller Williams would be more than happy to help!

After all, Greenwood is our home, too.



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