Can Anyone Be a Real Estate Consultant? (Part 1)

Can Anyone Be a Real Estate Consultant?  (Part 1)

So I'm showing homes to a new client in Greenwood the other day and I had a few random thoughts.  "What does this person think of me?"  "Am I being of value to them?"  "From her perspective - what is my job?...and am I doing it?"

Based upon what I had done so far it was pretty simple.  Answer the telephone.  Set up some showings.  Meet her at the house.  Bring along some information.  Answer some questions.  Doesn't sound like much does it?  Is that what it takes to be a good realtor?  Are those the skills that are necessary to be a real estate consultant?  If so, this is an easy job!  So why doesn't it feel easy?

Then it occurred to me.  The client only sees the tip of the iceberg.  What they don't see are the other skills that are necessary like:

  • Marketing - eNewsletters, drip campaigns, blogs, branding, advertising, magazine articles, and effectively utilizing the reach and range of the internet
  • Sales - being a consultant...the clients advocate, interpersonal skills, providing accurate advice on market values, offers and so much more
  • Organization - being able to work without direction, client management, project management
  • Technology - client database management, website creation, website content, online systems, email, advanced telephony, and all computer applications
  • Photography - utilizing advanced equipment to capture the very best a property has to offer potential buyers
  • Staging - advice and counsel on how best to showcase a clients property
  • Financing - mortgage assistance, closing costs, property taxes, title insurance, warranties, FHA, VA, $8000 tax credits and so much more
  • Legal - contracts, title, Indiana State laws, tax exemptions, closing documents, and HUD statements to name just a few
  • Property - easements, surveys, dated/outdated/updated, constructions, parcels, plats, subdivisions, tenants rights...the list goes on and on
  • Industry knowledge - inspections, appraisals, sellers disclosures, market trends, mold, termites, radon, foreclosures, short sales, sheriff sales
  • Communication skills - Listening skills are primary on the list, but includes writing and verbal skills
  • Team building - Assembling a network of experts to call upon routinely, like inspectors, lenders, movers, stagers, insurance, and others
  • Knowledge of government programs - the $8000 first time homebuyer credit is an example
  • Negotiating skills - developing and executing strategies for offers, counters, inspection responses, and dozens of other agreements
  • Operational abilities - business planning, business management, expense management - the business of running a business

There really is a lot more to being in real estate than most people see.  And the thing is....if I'm doing my job right my client will never notice how I skillfully and seamlessly weave all of those skills together and help them sell their home or find the home of their dreams.  But at the end of the day when they turn to me and say "thanks for making this possible"....that's when my true reward is received. 

Would you like to know more about each of these skill areas?  Stay close as the Hoagland Group publishes an entire series of articles that will delve into each of these categories to uncover the true skills needed to be a vibrant and effective consultant in today's real estate market.



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Can Anyone Be a Real Estate Consultant? (Part 1)
Can Anyone Be a Real Estate Consultant? (Part 1) So I'm showing homes to a new client in Greenwood the other day and I had a few random thoughts. "What does this person think of me? " "Am I being of value to them? " "… more